Testing: Mobile Test Proposal

100 points


Mobile usability presents special challenges to technical communicators, as we do not yet have the body of knowledge or literature that we do related to other types of hardware and software testing. Additionally, usability and user experience (UX) experts frequently have to be persuasive to obtain the organizational resources they need to convince managers that mobile testing should be a priority. In this assignment, you will take what you have learned from your Testing: Plan & Materials and Testing: Full Test & Report to develop a Mobile Test Proposal, Plan, & Materials. Proposal writing is a key genre in Technical Communication. If you aren’t familiar with the genre, there are some great advice available.

Following the sample in Barnum’s book, prepare a test plan that contains each of the headings used in the sample. In the Test Procedure section, include a task table, as discussed in class. Pay particular attention to the evaluation measures you intend to use, and try to make them as objective and quantitative as possible. Materials should rely on the examples in Barnum’s Chapter 6, Tullis & Albert’s Chapter 3, and those we discuss in class, prepare each type of test material listed on pages 163-184. As you do so, keep constantly in mind the purpose and objectives for your test as you defined them in your test plan. The purpose of the materials is to help you elicit as much information as possible to achieve those objectives, while further ensuring that your results are valid and are not affected by too many extraneous variables.

Your assignment is to prepare a proposal that revised the existing work from your test plan and test materials, and full test. Submit only the proposal, which will include your revised persona, tasks, and testing plan.

Your deliverable should address:

  1. Changes you have made/revised between your original plans and the unique challenges to mobile usability. These changes should be highlighted as well as explained e.g. if you have changed increased the the about of non-critical errors on a task because mobile devices are less Efficient in mobile, say so.
  2. How mobile usability challenges are manifested in persona development, usability test materials, usability scenarios and tasks, recommendations again with highlighting rationales and changes for mobile environment.

Essentially, you have to be able to answer the question, “We’ve already done this test, why do you want to do it again?” well.


  1. A usability proposal for conducting a mobile site test of for both iPhone and Android users


  • A proposal that includes:
    • A Problem Description of usability in the mobile space specific to the portals and websites you worked on for your Testing: Plan & Materials and Testing: Full Test & Report
    • A revised Mobile Usability Test Plan (make sure to revise these materials)
    • A revised Mobile Usability Test Materials (make sure to revise these materials)
    • Revised mobile centric personas


  • all drafts and work should be submitted through moodle as Gsuite links with editing rights enabled.

Rubric and Examples if available